Bloody Trams: A Rapid Response

01 March 2014 ← return to listing

Bloody Trams: A Rapid Response

Traverse Theatre Company in association with Utter is delighted to announce a new addition to the Spring programme with a brand new piece of verbatim theatre, Bloody Trams: A Rapid Response.

A verbatim piece created by the People of Edinburgh, the show will form a rapid response to one of Edinburgh's most contested and emotive debates over the last decade - the Edinburgh Trams.

Created in Traverse 2 over three days, the rapid response will be rough, ready and urgent. Anonymous interviews will take place over the next few weeks with director Joe Douglas talking directly to people all over the capital, from coffee shop owners and taxi drivers to civil servants. This material will then form the basis for the rapid response piece, where two actors will recreate the opinions of the People of Edinburgh on stage.  The composer and pianist David Paul Jones will perform live accompaniment and original songs based on the testimony, giving verbatim theatre a cabaret flavour. 

Commenting on the project, director Joe Douglas said: "I've been frustrated and confused by the situation with the trams over the last few years. It has felt, at times, like something other than just the concrete has been ripped out of the city. I figured there must be a lot of stories out there from people who've been much more directly affected than I have and whose voices haven't been heard.

Inspired by National Theatre's London Road (2011) and the verbatim theatre work of Alecky Blythe, Bloody Trams: A Rapid Response will give a voice and a stage to these stories for those affected and for those interested in hearing the discussion. If you would like to get involved in the show and express an opinion, tweet Joe Douglas on @utterjoe using the hashtag #bloodytrams.

Joe continued: "I hope bringing people together in a room, listening to the stories presented in a theatrical way, will be enlightening and even cathartic. What is really exciting is that the piece is being made incredibly quickly and the content very much depends on what people say! It's a rapid response in the truest sense."

There will be a post-show discussion after each performance for the audience to hear further discussion and debate and also have the chance to give feedback and offer their opinion. Panellists taking part will be announced in advance of the show. Live tweeting of the discussion will also take place from the @traversetheatre feed. 


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