50 special announcements

12 December 2012 ← return to listing

50 special announcements

We're getting ready for a very special announcement next week. 50 announcements, actually.

The Traverse Fifty project kicks off in January 2013, leading a year of celebrations of our 50th anniversary. On Wednesday 19 December, we'll be letting everybody know who the 50 winning playwrights are.

Our artistic team are busy going over the final plays. We received a whopping 630 plays from all over the world in response to a playwriting competition launched in September. The prize? To work with the Traverse on attachment for our 50th anniversary year in 2013.

We put a call out for 500 word Plays for Edinburgh in a bid to find 50 exciting voices to carry us into our 50th year as a new writing theatre, and beyond.

A panel of 12 readers have read 630 scripts, with the shortlisted plays being read 8 times. That's enough to make your head spin, and potentially a lot of paper! So we asked that every play was submitted paperlessly, through an online submissions manager, and the plays read on Kindles. Not visually represented by our choice of picture above (Note to selves, must update image library.)

You'll get to experience the winning plays yourself at the Traverse on Friday 25 January, where we'll stage performed readings of all 50 winning Plays for Edinburgh, with our 50 winning playwrights in attendance.

Over the next week, our artistic team will be busily putting the final touches to the Traverse Fifty. Watch this space for next week's exciting news.

The Traverse Fifty writers will be announced on Wednesday 19 December. 


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