We are looking for actors to take part in Donny's Brain a new Traverse Theatre Company production written by Rona Munro.


The brain is just a 3lb lump of jelly…

Donny wakes up in hospital, desperate to see his partner Emma and doesn't understand why she hasn't come to see him yet. He realises he's forgotten something. Something important. Donny still sees the world as the person he used to be three years ago, when his life was in a very different place.

Donny’s Brain delves deep into the fascinating mystery that still is the human brain, and follows Donny and Emma on a painfully funny and moving journey as all they know about love and loss is thrown into question.

In the end, are we just a bunch of chemicals sloshing around? And who are we without our memories?

Written by acclaimed Scottish playwright Rona Munro (Iron, The Last Witch, The James Plays), this dynamic and visually striking production is directed by award-winning director Caitlin Skinner (Hope and Joy, Woke).

Character breakdown

We are keen to hear from performers of all backgrounds and identities. Although character genders are indicated, we encourage actors of any gender identity to put themselves forward for consideration for any part which they feel they could fulfil.

  • DONNY - MALE, LATE 30's

    Has a razor-sharp sense of humour. He’s blunt, rude, annoyingly charismatic and charming. Graphic designer but wishes he was a gardener. Has a natural instinct and obvious connection with Emma which comes alive when they bicker.

  • EMMA - FEMALE, LATE 30's

    Has a razor-sharp sense of humour. She will defend her daughter Flea with her life. Former dancer but now teaches on the side. Has a natural instinct and obvious connection with Donny which comes alive when they bicker.

    She’s deeply loyal, caring and more intelligent than appears at first glance. She works in a PR capacity for a film company.

    A neuroscience researcher with an inquisitive mind and compassionate nature. He skilfully uses his specialist knowledge to help Donny and those around him understand Donny’s current situation, and what might happen next – as well as using them to further some of his own personal research. He shows great patience in dealing with Donny particularly.

  • FLEA - FEMALE, 16
    Flea is feisty but vulnerable too. They’re wiser than their years, but still finding their way in the world. Likes plants.


  • Rehearsals - Mon 9 Mar 2020
  • Tech week - w/c 6 Apr 2020
  • Previews - Sat 11 & Tue 14 Apr 2020
  • Press - Wed 15 Apr 2020
  • Final performance - Sat 2 May 2020

How to Apply

Please email your headshot, CV and Spotlight page (if applicable) to casting@traverse.co.uk

Submissions close at 11.59pm on Sunday 8 December.

Auditions will take place on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 December in Edinburgh.

If successfully selected to audition, we will contact you by 6pm on Monday 9 December. If you haven’t heard back from us by then, unfortunately, you have been unsuccessful.

Send to: casting@traverse.co.uk


The Traverse pays Equity Sub Rep MRSL Grade 2 rates and, when appropriate, the Equity subsistence rate for relocation as well as standard travel costs at the start and end of a contract.

Rehearsals operate Mondays-Saturdays and Traverse Theatre performances are Tuesdays-Saturdays.