Got a burning question about the Traverse Festival or Traverse Festival Pass? It's hopefully answered here, but if it's not, please email us.

  • What is the Traverse Festival?

Each August, the Traverse presents a Festival of new shows at our theatre in Edinburgh. In 2020, we’ve taken our Festival online and extended it throughout the rest of the year – and beyond – so you can enjoy a range of events all year round!

  • What is the Traverse Festival Pass?

The Traverse Festival Pass is a special link that allows you access to a range of events in the Traverse Festival. It’s free to get a Pass, but we invite audiences to support the Traverse and our work by making a donation to what you would usually pay for a single ticket to one of our usual Festival performances.

  • What does the Traverse Festival Pass allow me to access?

The Traverse Festival pass allows you to view, watch and read a series of films, audio plays, open access scripts and discussion events without payment. Please note that some events, such as Shedinburgh, are run by our partner companies and may carry an additional cost to view - pricing information for each event can be found in the information box at the top right of every event page.

  • Can I buy a pass over the phone?

At the current time Traverse Festival Passes can only be acquired online. If you have access requirements and may need to get your pass through another channel, please email

  • I’m unable to donate at the moment. Is there a free way to get the Traverse Festival Pass?

The Traverse Festival is for everyone - if you’re unable to donate you can still enjoy what’s on offer for free. We’ll just need a few pieces of information from you to be able to send you a link. You can fill in our contact form here.

  • How long is the Pass valid for?

Your Traverse Festival Pass is valid for a range of events until Spring 2021 - we will contact you to let you know when the Traverse Festival is coming to an end. Please note that the format of some events later in the programme may require an additional entry cost, which will be clearly noted in the Pricing section of its information box, which can be found at the top right of each event page.

  • I haven’t received my Traverse Festival Pass, what do I do?

It might take up to an hour to receive your Pass link - it may go into your junk mail folder, so please check there. If you still haven’t received your link an hour after donating/providing us your contact details, please email and let us know we can resend your link.

  • What do I do if I lose the link to my Traverse Festival Pass?

If you lose or delete the email containing the link to your Traverse Festival Pass, email and let us know so we can send you another.

  • How many people and devices can use one Traverse Festival Pass link?

You can watch the Traverse Festival events together with as many others as you’d like, and on any device on which you have access to your email, and an internet connection. However, your Traverse Festival Pass link is associated with your email address, so we ask that you don’t forward your link on.

If there are multiple people watching with you on your link, please consider donating an amount which reflects this - you can choose a different amount to donate on the Traverse Festival Pass page, or make an additional donation here.

  • How do I find subtitles and transcripts? 

On most of our pre-recorded video events, you can turn on subtitles by using the [CC] box in the bottom right hand corner of the video. Shielders contains subtitles which will display automatically and cannot be turned off. 

Transcripts for audio events can be accessed at the bottom of their event page.

All subtitles and transcripts are available in English only.

If you have any questions about subtitles and transcripts, please email

  • How long is content available for? 

Events and shows are available to experience for different lengths of time. You can find out when each show expires at the top of its production page. These limited availability periods are due to rights agreements.

  • How often will you be adding new content?

We’re currently planning the rest of the Festival programme, but we hope to add new events every few weeks for the rest of the year - and beyond. 

  • Will you let me know when new shows are added?

We’ll email you on the address associated with your Traverse Festival Pass list periodically to let you know when new events are added, but you can check your Traverse Festival Pass link any time to check for new content.

  • I didn’t manage to watch one of the shows in time, will it come back?

Unfortunately, due to rights agreements, many events are only available for a limited period. Once it has expired, it will no longer be available to watch or listen to. Please note that you must have completed viewing a show by the time it expires.

  • How else can I support the Traverse? 

You can find out about our work which your donation helps to support, and make a further contribution, on our Support Us page.